Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kampala at Last

Nat and I arrived in Uganda yesterday afternoon. The trip was longer than we remembered and it felt, in our over tired state, a little surreal to be back. In a way it has been like coming home. We were met at the airport by our taxi driver friend, Rogers. We shared stories with him on the way to Kampala and upon arrival ran into Persis, Sister Dora and others. We settled alone in Jjaja Gwen’s Guest House, where we have spent so much time over the past years. We were asleep by 7pm.

At midnight it rained - torrential rain with thunder. I listened to the water pour off the roof and thought about living in a tent in Bwera.  And I thought about the need to dry bricks in the sun. And I thought about keeping a team of volunteers dry and happy. Neither one of us slept well and we were awake by 5:30am. To my relief, it was a beautiful and bright morning. We planned our day over coffee and tea. A couple more tarps were added to the list and the rainy season information was rechecked. Everything will work out one way or another.

Russ will be arriving today and we will be running around gathering bits of equipment and getting new phone numbers.

It’s nice to be back to this wonderful if quirky place.


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