Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Day Building

Unfortunately, our miraculous USB internet stick does not work anywhere near the building site. We stopping quickly in Kasese to look for timber for the trusses. Here is a brief post and some pictures I prepared a couple days ago..... 

It’s 5pm on Thursday. The first day on the site seems like an eternity, although, we have accomplished a lot. It turns out there are more students here than the 400 we expected. Apparently, there was a cholera out break a few months ago at the second school in the hills near by. At that time all the students came to learn at this school. It is amazing that more than 600 of them can learn in three small classrooms. However, I’m not sure if much learning happened today as most of the eyes I could see through the holes in the grass-mat walls were focused on the action outside.

There have been a few obstacles but also some unexpected bonuses. The trench for the foundation is almost twice as deep as we requested (and since learning about Ground Breaker construction, about four times what is needed). Much of the wood we requested to be on site for our arrival is… different than expected. But on the bright side, we thought we were going to have to build a tool shed and lockup structure, however, there is a good brick building here already that was built in July.

Today we have adjusted the foundation trench, constructed a shelter to protect the outdoor carpentry area, built a double shower stall from which to hang solar showers and started developing relationships with the local builders and others in the community.

Russ explains to Nelson the trench depth issue

Ben investigates the trench

Students watch the construction of a canopy over the a tool area

Many little onlookers

The trench was dug as two rooms but we had hoped for three - here we are preparing the foundation for the centre room

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