Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bats, Babies, Balls, and Brides...

Our little buddy Danny

Pete and Danny

Nat nailing her baby-carrying technique on the sideline.

Teachers vs students, the big end of year match. Students 6, Teachers 0.

Nat goes pot shopping, Kampala

Purchasing some hand-washing stations for the school, curtosy of John and Jill

Downtown Kampala

Nat of the jungle

Simon's birthday hike through Mabira Forest

Cam and Jim fix up some old wheelchairs at Mengo Hospital for a disabled man in Bwera

Beautiful tea fields in Bushenyi District, enroute back to Bwera


Colleen gets wrap pointers

Stage one, empty bucket

Downtown Bwera, power lines are a very new development

Nat gets painted by local ladies pre-wedding celebrations

Our Ugandan wedding begins...

Nelson was very proud to hand us the wedding outfits he had made for us

Nelson, his wife Robina, and little Nelson

Nelson's grandfather, husband to 16, father to over 90 children, a respected elder

Nelson's mother, the firstborn of his grandfather

To begin the wedding ceremony Nelson's family gathered for his grandfather to give Nat her Ugandan name, Katusime (ka-tu-seem-eh)

The wedding party arrives at the school for the celebrations, led by the women's group cultural dancers

View from our table

Students preform

Traditional dancer

Students sing

The following day, two of the teachers at the site

Nat and Wilson, project cordinator
For Cam's last day, we took a bike trip to the hills with Nelson and Wilson

Pete photographs hundreds of giant bats

We climbed to the highest peak on this side of the Rwenzoris

A man with curious stones

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  1. Incredible photos. I love the Ugandan wedding sequence. And how great that Simon and Cam both visited. Those views of the hills are amazing! All the best to you both. You guys are making such a difference! :)