Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We thought we would pass on a few pictures from our Christmas at Lake Bunyoni. As crater lake in the south west of Uganda, Lake Bunyoni ("lake of many little birds") is a wonderful and tranquil place.  

Nat on the porch of the cabin we stayed in with Simon and Colleen

Sun bird

Bill, Martha, Simon, Faridah and Kathy celebrate Christmas Eve in style

Crested Cranes - Uganda's national bird

Bee eater

We are back in Kampala and have received Sam, Dave and Jane. All details are finalized and the Kampala crew are set to return to Bwera tomorrow on the bus for the final phase of construction: putting up the second school building. Nat and I leave for Kenya early tomorrow morning - the first leg in a 1,400Km road trip to the coast of Tanzania - with seven our our closest friends.

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