Thursday, February 24, 2011

Construction Update

During the first three weeks of January - while we were in Tanzania - the construction team got a good start on the second building. The goal was to finish the first classroom of the second building before classes resumed at the beginning of February - we were successful.

Progress by January 20th
A ring beam was strengthen the walls of the second building

Ring beam steel

Jane varnishes posts of the first building with a help from Ishmael

Richard prepares the trusses for the first classroom on the second building

Eva, one of our wonderful cooks, works on lunch

Bill with the Kampala crew AKA "Vickam"

Hundreds of students lineup for lunch in the middle of the site

Dave and Sam work on stairs for the first building - brick forms would be covered in cement

Abdu, a new team member, helps with strapping

The cookhouse was moved from the center of the site shortly after this photo and note the nice concrete steps

The construction team receives new tape measures and carpenter pencils on their last day of work

Brick circles were arranged around the school grounds that were filled with soil and had trees planted for shade and fruit

This phase of construction has come to an end. More was accomplished over the last four months than we had planned but there is still more work to be done. The veranda for the second building still needs to be added and there is a lot of finishing work yet to be done, although, sometimes it is hard to discern when you have completed one project and are starting another.

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