Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zanzibar or Bust

 On January 2 we set off from Kampala for a two week holiday(/honeymoon). We piled in "Wilson" and drove 1,400Km to Dar es Salaam passing through Kenya and the national parks of Tanzania. For the most part, we put the cameras away but here are a few of our favorite shots from beautiful East Africa.

The gang and trusty Wilson. Although, 1,400Km doesn't sound like a lot, with potholes, police checks, boarders, road construction, hyenas and speed bumps we averaged about 40Km/hr

Bill's motto 'never leave a dead animal in the road'... Bill drags a hyena from the highway

Small twisters touch down around Mt. Meru, TZ

The Ngorogoro Crater in Northern Tanzania is 20Km across and is an amazing ecosystem - all the following animal pictures were taken here

A hyena carefully approaches a kill

Acacia trees against the wall of the crater


A last glimpse into the ctater

Wilson with Kilimanjaro in the distance

If Nat had an oil company...

Leaving Dar on the ferry to Zanzibar


Finally some sand and sun

Zanzibar carved door

The spread at the evening seafood market in Stone Town

We found a few days of tranquility at Mtoni Marine resort - just the two of us. It was a strange juxtaposition with the pool beside the mosque on the beach

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  1. Wow, Peter and Nat I don't know what to say. The school looks AMAZING. I love the pictures of the construction. Your roadtrip to Zanzibar... the animal photos... incredible!!! I love the one of the lion with his lunch, and the acacia trees. Zanzibar looks beautiful. Glad you had a chance to relax just the two of you :) Happy honeymoon and congratulations on all your hard work!